AGA and the Environment

Discover how green AGA cast-iron ranges really are
AGA & the Environment


AGA heat-storage Cast Iron Ranges have filled the kitchens and the hearts of AGA owners with their warmth for generations - and continue to do so today. But with rising energy costs and changing lifestyles, more existing and prospective AGA owners naturally want to know about the cost of running their AGA heat-storage Cast Iron Range, and the impact it has on the environment.

Well, you'll be glad to know that a modern AGA heat-storage Cast Iron Ranges can be as efficient as a conventional range, and if used in a considerate way, can actually play its part in managing your household bills. For a detailed account of how this works, take a look at our Aganomics guide .

And as for our green credentials, the AGA heat-storage Cast Iron Range  is almost entirely recyclable so you'll never see one on a landfill site. How many other ranges can claim the same?

  • You’ll rely less on radiators Read more

    2-oven Duck Egg Blue AGAAt full cooking temperature, a programmable AGA heat-storage cooker radiates up to 1.5kW per hour and up to 1kW per hour in slumber mode. This energy usage is very similar to a medium sized household radiator, which emits up to 1.5kW per hour.

    This means that an AGA cooker gives off enough heat to keep most kitchens warm, even in winter, which means you're likely to never use the radiators in that room. This will compensate for the energy an AGA uses and could even save you even more.

    There are also a number of ways to potentially link an AGA cooker's warmth into natural airflows in the home. Some owners link up their heat-storage cooker to a heat recovery system to make use of the residual heat. This shows you that AGA has the capacity to be central to new home energy management systems.

  • Reduces the number of kitchen appliances you need Read more

    An AGA heat-storage cooker does more than cook food; it's a domestic workhorse that can do many of the jobs of your smaller kitchen appliances, for example:

    • Rather than use a tumble dryer, dry damp clothes during the evenings using your AGA cooker
    • Place items of laundry such as t-shirts or pillow slips on the simmering lid and leave overnight to 'AGA iron'
    • Trust us, once you've tried toast made on an AGA cooker you'll never use a toaster again
    • Baking bread in an AGA cooker is so simple that you don't need a bread maker
    • No need for an electric kettle either; a regular kettle will boil in no time on the hot plate

    Did you know?
    Over 30 years, an AGA owner can save thousands of pounds by not having to buy, fix or replace electrical appliances such as kettles, toasters and tumble driers.

  • Green issues are at the top of our agenda Read more

    ds_scrap-recycle-032565 RotAll our cast-iron AGA cookers are 90% recyclable. Not only that, but since the very first model was made, 70% of each new AGA cooker has been created using reclaimed iron from items such as door fittings, drain covers, lamp posts and much more. As green credentials go, that's pretty impressive.

    We're also sensitive to the fact AGA enthusiasts can only use certain fuels which is why our models are available with several different fuel options including propane, kerosene heating oil, natural gas and electricity, so you are able to choose the fuel type that best suits your lifestyle.

    Also, running parallel with our key product design and innovation is our focus on developing programmes using micro-generated electricity, which includes developing ways of using wind, solar power and heat pumps.

  • 30-amp AGA heat-storage cookers store cheaper off-peak electricity Read more

    4-oven-30-AMP-aga_cream_CSThe 30-amp AGA heat-storage cooker, available as a 2-oven or 4-oven AGA cooker, stores cheaper electricity during the night to use throughout the day. The electricity is stored into heat bricks deep within the AGA cooker, the heat being released gradually, offering you real cost efficiency.

    Did you know?
    Overnight off peak electricity is half the cost of daytime electricity and if stored overnight for daytime use, it can save you up to 40% against other fuel types.

  • The lifespan of an AGA heat-storage range cooker is much longer Read more

    An AGA heat storage cooker's longevity is at least three times that of a conventional cooker. In fact, thousands of AGA cookers across the UK are still working perfectly after 50 years or more of sterling service. It's well known that many AGA families pass their AGA cookers down from one generation to the next.

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