Customer Testimonials

The personal story of AGA owners
Customer Testimonials

There are countless AGA cookers in every county, city and corner of the world. From lifetime owners to brand new converts, everyone has a unique and heart-warming story to tell. Here are a few of our favorites...

"We have had our British racing green 4 - oven gas Aga for 8 years now.  Our family just loves it and so does our little Bassett Hound. The kids are so comfortable making grill cheese sandwiches, toasting breads/bagles, making  french toast and quesadillas all by themelves. BRAVO.... When the weather turns cold and the snow falls, which is rare but enjoyable, our Aga becomes the focal point for hang drying gloves, mittens,socks, pants etc....For the laundry ,the top surfaces are used daily for pressing shirts, t''s and whatever else needs a little anti-wrinkle  action. Our Aga is truly the best  !!! My foods are moist and stress free. Thanksgiving dinner is a breeze with much time to mingle when all is cooking in the ovens. is so easy and no worries about overcooking or drying out the meals !!!!!"  Meaghan ~ Charlotte, NC

  "Designed my new kitchen around my two-oven, gas model a couple of years ago.  Can''t say enough good things about the oven!  It has taken my cooking to an entirely new level.  My husband loves the food that comes out of it and even tries his hand at some creative reheating.  When the house goes on the market, the AGA is the only negotiable item.  If the buyer wants it, the price of the house goes up...if they don't, it goes with me!  Will be designing our retirement home in the next couple of years and will be putting in an outdoor kitchen around a new AGA.  Thanks so much!"  Jan ~ Alexandria, VA


"I been living with my Claret 4-oven AGA for 1 year and absolutely love it! Aside from how beautiful the AGA is, it is warm and the best range I have ever cooked with. I have not found it as difficult to retrain myself as I had expected. With only a few mishaps, a totally charred bit of food that we forgot in the roasting oven, I love the results! I have become more adventurous in trying recipes now, with ingredients I've never used especially! I can't imagine cooking or baking in anything else now. One very surprising thing is that anything I use to cook in is very easily cleaned. I don't use anything abrasive anymore, except Astonish (appropriately named). All the other little things that can be done, like drying clothes, pressing jeans, warming gloves before leaving, drying shoes/boots etc. just add to the wonder of living with an AGA!! By the way, we didn,t have room for a large microwave, and happily don't need it anyway. Foods rewarmed in or on the AGA taste much better the second time around!"  Kathy ~ Northville, MI


 "I've had my cream Aga Legacy 36 (electric) for 2 months now and I love it. I live in an apartment and it is the perfect cooker for my space and my lifestyle. I'm amazed at how delicious and moist my chicken is when I make it in the tall or convection oven. I love the 5 different hobs with their different temperatures but I think my favorite is the broiler. I love the drawer design and the fact that I can use either the entire tray or just half. I've only used 2 of the modes in the other oven so far but everything has been delicious. I've been in love with the Aga Saga for over 20 years and I was thrilled to be able to able to purchase one that suits my lifestyle."  Sharon ~ Norristown, PA
"I have had my AGA Legacy for 5 months and love it. I had been looking for a range that would be at home in my 1920 Victorian. The AGA is a perfect fit. Not only is the functionality great, but it makes a great conversation piece. I have never been a better cook. My roasts are perfection. I even got rid of my toaster oven since the convection oven is perfect for reheating or makiing anything the toaster oven used to do. If you enjoy cooking or cook a lot, this range will allow you the freedom to make many dishes at once. I love this thing! I am even looking to get a matching under cabinet fridge to put in my dining room wet bar."  Evelyn ~ Morgantown, WV
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