How to Buy an AGA

Experience firsthand why the world has fallen in love with AGA with our AGA Kitchen Concierge Program
How to Buy an AGA

The new generation of AGA cast iron ranges exemplifies innovation and provides more options for customers in North America. Find the right AGA for your lifestyle by starting here…

1. Expert Advice - AGA Kitchen Concierge Program
With one source dedicated to all things AGA, our AGA Kitchen Concierge program ensures all of your questions are answered and AGA lovers stay up-to-date on the latest trends, fashions and cast iron range options.

2. Free AGA Cooking Demonstration
AGA Marvel has hand selected and certified a team of AGA Ambassadors throughout North America to assist customers in selecting an AGA which suits their lifestyle. Our AGA Ambassadors provide a hands-on demonstration for all the wondrous capabilities of the AGA - answering questions, sharing tips and tricks and creating delicious foods every step of the way.

3. Visit an AGA Dealer
With a number of AGA Dealers throughout North America, locate a dealer nearest you for assistance in selecting the options, color and size AGA for your home kitchen. Our highly qualified staff will put together your specifications ensuring a seamless ordering process. Use our online dealer locator or contact AGA Kitchen Concierge at (800) 525-5601.

4. Order Your AGA
In coordination with your AGA Ambassador and local Dealer representative, ordering your AGA is easy! Our new generation of AGA cast iron ranges are fully assembled and ready for delivery. AGA Marvel offers stocked color options ready to ship upon order. We also offer and array of custom color options to suite your style ordered direct from England.

Enjoy a positive, fulfilling experience while exploring which AGA is right for you. Contact AGA Kitchen Concierge at (800) 525-5601 today!

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