Reasons to Buy an AGA Cooker

Discover why an AGA is more than just an appliance
Reasons to Buy

There are so many reasons why hundreds of thousands of devotees love our range of AGA products and couldn't imagine life without them. Below are just a few, but for a full experience why not visit Your AGA Dealer, download a brochure or visit one of our cooking demonstrations to see our products first hand and experience the difference they could make to your home.

  • Food cooked on an AGA Cooker just tastes better Read more

    AGA-Images-Landscape-350x150-30Ask any AGA owner and they'll tell you the same thing: food cooked on an AGA heat-storage cooker tastes better. That's because the cast-iron ovens of an AGA Cooker cook by radiant heat, locking in moisture, flavor, texture and, best of all, goodness, meaning the meals you cook are always delicious.

    From baking to toasting and from grilling to stir-fries, owning an AGA is like having 10 appliances in one - all performing perfectly. So box up the toaster, bread baker, microwave, griller and slow-cooker and enjoy the unique flexibility that is AGA cooking...

    Baking: Like a traditional baker's brick oven, the AGA's kind-to-food all-round radiant heat can help you create feather-light pastries, cakes that are always wonderfully moist and breads that have that authentic hearth-baked flavor.

    AGA-Images-Landscape-350x150-32Frying: The intense heat of the AGA hotplate means steaks can be quickly seared on the outside, locking in all the essential juices and maximising the meat's natural flavors. And because you're in control of the heat, you can be sure of steaks and chops cooked the way you like them. The AGA fries quickly and controllably, producing food that is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. No sogginess. No lingering oily tastes. Just perfect results every time.

    Grilling: Yes, you can grill on an AGA. Bacon, steaks, tomatoes and chops can all be grilled in the roasting oven, where radiant heat reminiscent of a charcoal grill delivers dishes crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside.

    Toasting: Perfect toast just the way you like it. Using the hugely popular AGA toaster - which leaves toast with a distinctive waffle pattern - you can opt for crisp through and through, lightly browned and fluffy white in the middle or even toasted on one side only. It's also perfect for toasted sandwiches with a variety of fillings.

    Toast on the AGA heat storage cookerStewing: The AGA's simmering oven can help you create richer, more succulent stews. With an all-round gentle heat with no worrying hot spots, you don't even need to stir regularly. Instead, the AGA will slow-cook for hours - even overnight - leaving you free to look after other dishes that need more pampering.

    Steaming: You can also use the simmering oven to steam anything from a Dover sole to a pan of root vegetables. No lingering smells and no steaming up the kitchen. Just fresh-tasting and healthy food with the minimum of fuss.

    Roasting: The radiant heat from all walls of the oven ensure food is cooked evenly, with minimum shrinkage, and if you need things done quickly the AGA can cope beautifully - a 28lb turkey can be ready to serve in just 3 1/2 hours.

    stir fry-3Simmering: The simmering oven can slow-cook for hours - even overnight - gently coaxing the best out of casseroles, stews and soups, and leaving you free to attend to other dishes or simply to enjoy entertaining with family or friends.

    Stir-frying: Intense and focused heat is the key to authentic stir-fries and the AGA hotplate performs brilliantly. Able to heat up oil quickly and predictably - and then keep it hot - the AGA delivers perfect stir-fries in minutes.

    Why not get some cooking ideas in our recipe section?

  • Speedy results Read more

    It's not just statement food that the AGA Cooker is renowned for. It performs equally as well on 10-minute meals, cobbled together on a busy weeknight. From pizzas that melt in your mouth to super-quick stir-fries - every meal is cooked quickly to perfection.

  • AGA’s huge ovens make cooking so easy and versatile Read more

    AGA cookers are famous for their large ovens. The roasting oven is big enough to fit a 13kg (28lb) bird, making it ideal for Sunday lunch for the whole family - and even Christmas Dinner won't seem such a challenge with a helping hand from your AGA Cooker.

  • AGA Wine Cellars can provide your wine with the care it deserves Read more

    Quality food deserves quality wine, and quality wine requires the finest storage. The AGA Premium Wine Cellar provides just that, protecting your liquid assets from heat, light and vibration, and anything else that could impact on its quality.

  • Hand-crafted in Britain and built to last Read more

    Man quality control checking enamelled lid of AGA heat storage cooker

    All our cast-iron cookers are hand-crafted at our Coalbrookdale Foundry in Shropshire, England, a world heritage site and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Then, hand-sprayed in vitreous enamel at our Telford factory - a process that takes three days to complete. The end result is a gleaming, deeply glossy, enamel finish.

  • You’ll really enjoy cooking again Read more

    Because you don't need to set the ovens to temperature, AGA cooking is a much more relaxed process. You'll find there's a perfect spot for each kind of cooking. For example, the top of the roasting oven is the place to grill to perfection, whereas vegetables steam beautifully in the simmering oven. Cooking with an AGA means you really cook, ending slavish adherence to by-the-minute cooking times and precise temperature settings.



  • So many appliances in one Read more

    Most kitchens are littered with smaller appliances taking up valuable space. Not so in an AGA kitchen. That's because an AGA Cooker can do the jobs of many of your smaller kitchen appliances, and better too. A toaster, electric kettle, and even your tumble drier could be a thing of the past. Apart from helping you to multi-task so efficiently, you can save energy and space in your kitchen.

  • Green issues are at the top of the agenda Read more

    ds_scrap-recycle-032565 RotDid you know that typically a UK homeowner buys up to four conventional cookers during their lifetime? Not an AGA owner. AGA cookers are renowned for their longevity and built to last. In fact, AGA cookers can last so long they may be passed down through the generations.

    Every AGA heat-storage cooker is 90% recyclable. Not only that, 70% of each new AGA cooker has been created using reclaimed iron from items such as door fittings, drain covers, lamp posts and much more. As green credentials go, that's pretty impressive.

    We're also sensitive to the fact AGA enthusiasts are becoming more energy conscious. That's why our models are available with several different fuel options including propane, kerosene heating oil, natural gas and electricity, which has in recent years led the way as a cleaner, lower-cost energy source.

    Also, running in parallel with our key product design and development work is a programme to work with alternative energy specialists, notably involving wind power, solar power and heat pumps.

    Read more about AGA and the environment and our paper Aganomics.

  • You’ll be part of the AGA community Read more

    When an AGA Cooker becomes part of your life, you'll become part of the wider AGA community. Our AGA shops can be found throughout the country and it's where you can go to talk to our AGA experts and discover how to get the most from your cooker or refrigeration. Regular AGA demonstrations are held to show the versatility of this extraordinary cooker. There are also a number of cookery schools running courses at all levels to help you make the most of your AGA cooker's cooking performance.

    Read our latest news or join us on Facebook.

  • An AGA is a design classic Read more

    Voted in a BBC survey one of the top three design icons of the 20th century and widely written about for almost 90 years, the AGA offers the perfect marriage of design and peerless performance.

  • Programmability means you’re in control Read more

    AGA intelligent management system for your heat storage cooker

    All our 13-amp electric heat-storage cookers and selected gas models are programmable, making them the perfect assistant to get you through your busy day. You can program your AGA Cooker to be on normal heat at specific times and slumber when you're asleep or away from home. This makes your AGA Cooker even more flexible and makes the best use of energy.

  • Hand-built to order Read more

    As soon as you've ordered your AGA Cooker, it's put into production here in the UK. It's forged in cast-iron and coated in gleaming vitreous enamel, which takes three days to apply. Once this delicate procedure is finished, two fully qualified engineers bring your AGA Cooker to your home, where it will take a day to install.

  • Your AGA Cooker will become part of the family Read more

    No one can resist an AGA Cooker - they're drawn to its gentle warmth and, as soon as they enter the kitchen, they feel the need to lean on it. Sometimes they'll even jostle for the best spot. AGA owners consistently tell us their cooker is part of the family and they couldn't imagine life without it. It's impossible to think of any other household object that inspires this level of devotion.

  • There’s an AGA color to suit every kitchen Read more

    There is a wide selection of colors in the AGA palette, so you're sure to find one perfect for your kitchen. From the classic Cream through to sleek Pewter, there's something right for your space, whether you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen.

  • A kitchen with an AGA is so cosy Read more

    Pets adore the AGA Cooker. It's not unusual to find one snuggled up, basking in its glorious ambient warmth. It's not just pets though - before they can pop food into the oven, AGA owners often have to nudge their friends out of the way. And that's before we mention the children, who are often not far from the AGA Cooker, listening to their music or reading a book.

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