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Enlarge ImageAubergine
Enlarge ImageBritish Racing Green
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  • Aubergine
  • British Racing Green
  • Pewter
  • White
  • Heather
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Pistachio
  • Dark Blue
  • Pearl Ashes
  • Claret
Enlarge ImageAGA Companion Burner
Enlarge ImageAGA Companion Ovens
Enlarge ImageAGA Companion In Set
AGA Companion aubergineAGA Companion BurnerAGA Companion OvensAGA Companion In Set

Don't let this little range fool you. At 24" inches wide, it may be small in stature, but it's big on performance and style. This dual-fuel range features four versatile gas burners, one conventional oven with an integral broiler and one convection oven. And of course, it's made with that classic AGA design available in 11 delicious colors.

As a free-standing range it brings the versatility of dual-fuel cooking into any kitchen. Team a 2 Oven, 3 Oven or 4 Oven AGA with an AGA Companion and you have the ultimate versatility of cooking with radiant heat, a live gas flame and electric and all at once!

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Product Details

  • Cast-iron doors
  • Ceramic electric grill
  • Electric fan oven
  • Conventional oven
  • Special oven linings
  • Digital timer 

Cast-iron doors ­- uniquely AGA, the Companion doors are made from cast-iron with a gleaming vitreous enamel finish.

Four-ring gas hob - give instant power and a rapid response for any type of cooking.

Ceramic electric grill - housed within the top oven, the rapid-response ceramic grill heats up in seconds and is designed specifically to eliminate cold spots for even cooking.

Electric fan oven - programmable and very quick, the fan oven also keeps an even temperature, making it perfect for cooking several dishes at once.

Conventional oven - its heat zones make it the ideal, versatile oven for all types of cooking and it's large enough to hold a 16-lb (7.25kg) turkey.

Special oven linings - to save on cleaning time, the ovens have a specially developed lining which helps them keep themselves clean during cooking.

Digital timer - to fit in with your schedule, the timer allows you to program the fan oven to start and stop automatically.



DIMENSIONS 33 1/2"H × 23 1/2"D × 23 3/4"W
MATERIALS Durable cast iron covered by three coats of vitreous enamel in one of 12 colors.
BURNERS Ultra Rapid (Wok): 3.5kW (12,000 BTU/hr, Rapid: 3.25kW (11,000 BTU/hr), Semi-Rapid: 1.8kW (6,000 BTU/hr)
INSTALLATION Must be installed by a competent gas mechanic or appliance technician in your area. For a list of preferred vendors, please use our service locator.
WEIGHT 310 lbs
FUEL Natural gas or LPG
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 240, 30 AMP dedicated circuit
WARRANTY 1 year parts and labor
COLORS Vitreous enamel in 12 different colors. Color can be matched when purchased with a 2 , 3 or 4 Oven Aga cooker.
NOTE Do not use the above specifications for kitchen design or installation. Please consult our design guide for detailed rough-in and specification information.

 Visit the AGA Cookshop
The AGA Cookshop Collection is our own range of wookware, backware - etc.

The following items are included with your new AGA Total Control to increase your enjoyment and convenience.

Handbook and Toaster


Cleaning Paste


Brush and Shelf





Range Hood Button

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