Ask any AGA owner and they’ll tell you their AGA is more than a kitchen appliance. It’s an experience. AGA is the semblance of home, the heart of where family and friends gather. A beacon of the kitchen, a masterpiece of art capable of culinary creations that are equally divine. AGA embodies a heritage of artisan craftsmanship and a passionate community of recipe sharing and the heartfelt joy of cooking. AGA is the expression of love, truly.

An iron-clad reputation

It truly is a reliable workhorse in the kitchen–and a exquisite one at that. AGA owners typically become passionate epicureans who proudly attest to its supreme talent for cooking better tasting food and its exceptional endurance. As a matter of fact, the oldest AGA cooker still in operation was first installed in 1932! The AGA cooker dates back to the early 18th century at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution.

Where it began...

Built on the shoulders of giants like Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Gustaf Dalen and ad man David Ogilvy, the AGA was named by the BBC as one of the top three design icons of the 20th century.

AGA of today

Whether it’s the new AGA City24 for compact kitchens, the natural gas AGA Dual Control or the completely programmable and versatile AGA Total Control with individually operating ovens, or the elegant, multi-oven AGA Designer Collection, there’s an AGA for every home kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

The modern-day incarnation of the iconic 19th century AGA, the AGA Mercury and Elise dual fuel and induction ranges culminate the finest attributes of world-class cooking. Each model’s aesthetic detailing is divine in its own right and features multiple heat-efficient ovens, dynamic multifunction cooking control and adjustable racking systems.

It's more than head-turning style – it’s the opus of culinary ingenuity.