The AGA Distinction

As the expression goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And with prideful purpose and beauty that beckons one to draw nearer, AGA is the heart of the kitchen. Read on to find out why AGA has won the hearts of thousands across the globe.

Paint brushes
Style & Choice

With the captivating design and distinction of AGA, you can embrace your creative side and explore the wide-reaching possibilities to make your kitchen uniquely yours. We offer a multitude of styles, color options, sizes and fuel types, so you can find your kitchen's kindred centerpiece.

AGA family
A family of over 1 million owners.

When you buy an AGA, you’re joining our family. And we're delighted to have you.

quality parts
The right ingredients

It can take weeks to make an AGA cast iron or convention range. That's because only the highest quality parts are used by craftsmen with decades of experience to create your range.

Quality & Testing

We test, re-test and test again, refining our ranges to make sure you're getting the range you've dreamed of. 

When it comes to cooking; experience matters

There’s over 185 years of manufacturing excellence at our factory. Generations of local families have all played their part in making AGA the success it is today. Our people are passionate and proud of making the best ranges on the market. We call it, Built from experience.