AGA Designer Ranges Are All The Rave

Distinctive European Style & Cooking Performance

AGA Elise Induction Range

AGA Elise 48″ Induction Range in Scarlet with 5 cooking zones, each with power boost and the functionality to operate all 5 zones simultaneously while cooking. The largest induction range top on the market.

We are ecstatic with the reception of our recently launched AGA Mercury and AGA Elise ranges!   Dealers and consumers alike are all jazzed up by their unique designs, multiple ovens and six color offerings.  AGA is proudly breaking the mold demonstrating all stoves are not created equal.

When we officially announced the extension of our AGA Designer Series, we knew offering the consumer more functionality and unique design concepts would emulate our distinctive European styling and cooking performance synonymous with the iconic AGA brand.  We are enjoying critics and experts weighing in on why AGA Designer Ranges are all the rave.

The Intent

The AGA Mercury and AGA Elise ranges were built with the intention of being the dynamic statement piece in the kitchen.  Built on a versatile 48″ multi-oven platform with three ovens and a spacious cooktop both are available in either a 5-burner gas top or the industry’s largest range induction top.  AGA has transcended into a fusion of uncompromising quality and innovative design.

Reviews Are In

Sindi Cela with Appliances Connection Blog wrote a remarkable piece on our two new AGA Designer Ranges.  Taking time to review not only the aesthetics but its multi-functionalism, she described our new ranges as a “force to be reckoned with” and a “one stop station for all your essential cooking needs”.

Diving deep into the design differences and cooking similarities, Cela compared and contrasted the AGA Mercury and AGA Elise to our existing line of AGA Professional and AGA Legacy ranges.  It is safe to say AGA has an aesthetic design and footprint to suite any kitchen decorum. “It [AGA Mercury] takes the professionalism of the Pro model and dilutes it to bring consumers the perfect balance between minimal modernity and professional structural design.”

In an article written by, its author, Keith Barry, called the AGA Mercury a “British luxury range unlike anything else you can buy”.  While visiting our booth at KBIS 2016, Barry spent some time with both our dual fuel and induction top Mercury ranges.  He described the craftsmanship as, “Every door on this UK-built range opened with the heft of a luxury car, and the dials and knobs all turned with exquisite precision. Even without any food on it, getting some hands-on time with the Mercury at Design and Construction Week was a joy.”

Bottom line, the AGA Mercury and AGA Elise cannot be ignored.


AGA Mercury 48″ Dual Fuel Range in Stainless Steel boasting 5 high-powered natural gas top burners with an LP Conversion Kit included with every range and Hi Fi stereo-like controls. Also available in 6 colors.

Let’s Break It Down

Engineered with three fast-heating ovens, AGA Mercury and AGA Elise provide over 6 cubic feet of cooking space to seamlessly cook multiple meals at varying temperatures. One extra-large multifunction oven features seven modes including defrost, convection, convection broiling, fan assist bake, conventional, browning and base heat settings.

A 48” wide range with two spacious range top options – 5 natural gas burners with an LP Conversion Kit included and a massive induction top surface with 5 zones, each boasting power boost and all 5 zones can be operated simultaneously.  Additional features include a storage drawer for baking trays, telescopic heavy-duty stainless steel shelves and steadfast pan supports, EasyClean™ technology and a dual circuit glide-out grill large enough to cook as many as six 6-ounce steaks.  Both ranges are A rated for energy efficiency, the best possible efficiency rating achievable.

Thank you everyone who is weighing in – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  Be sure to check out the links below to acquire color samples, locate a dealer and hear what others are saying about our latest designer offerings, the AGA Mercury and AGA Elise range.

AGA Elise Design Concept

Described as ornate and elegant alternative keeping true to its simplicity, the AGA Elise speaks to those looking to create a traditional styled kitchen or one looking to embody a classic French country design.

AGA Mercury Design Concept

Described as stately precision, the AGA Mercury has clean lines, sophisticated sectionalism and is the “perfect balance between modern-residential and commercial aesthetics” for the contemporary home.


AGA Designer Ranges Are All The Rave

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Pursuitist Named AGA Cast Iron Range Best Kitchen Appliance 2016

Pursuitist recently published an article highlighting luxury brand appliances they deem the best for your kitchen this year.  Pursuitist named AGA Cast Iron Ranges Best Kitchen Appliance for 2016. The AGA Cast Iron Range was recognized for its unique cooking experience using cast iron, its vitreous enamel exterior available in 15 colors and the AGA cast iron range being tremendously flexible. Roger Scoble said it best,

“AGA. Aga has nearly a century of experience of enriching kitchens around the world. The Classic Aga Range employs cast iron construction and energy efficient heating, which combine to offer a truly unique cooking experience. Available in a variety of enameled colors; Aga ranges offer tremendous design flexibility. Now enhanced with complementary undercounter refrigeration Aga continues to redefine upscale kitchen design coupled with professional cooking prowess.”

AGA unveiled its latest product launches earlier this year paying focus to the newest AGA a la carte features, Customize Your AGA. Now with three integrated solutions you may add induction, gas top burners or a warming plate hotcupboard to any 3-oven AGA cast iron range. The 3-oven Total Control and Dual Control are the building block for such endless configurations.

customize your aga cast iron range

Click here to learn more about the Best Kitchen Appliances for 2016.

Pursuitist is an online publisher of luxury industry news and high-end reviews. Forbes has named Pursuitist the “best luxury blog”. Notable journalist and contributors include writers and luxury brands. For more reviews go to today.

KBIS 2016 Recap – AGA Ranges

It was a whirlwind week at KBIS 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, as we shared with the masses the 2016 launch of several new AGA ranges!  The reception of our booth was extraordinary as we didn’t have a moment of downtime the entire three-day show.  Whether prompting media attention for the Mercury range or enjoying delicious foods cooked on the AGA cast iron 7-oven range, it was obvious AGA ranges were a huge hit!  Enjoy reading our KBIS 2016 Recap – AGA Ranges below and be sure to click on the various links to read the full article reviews.

KBIS 2016 Recap – AGA Ranges

First Impressions – AGA Mercury Range from

48" AGA Mercury Range with Induction Top in White

Photo Credit: / Ben Keough

“This British luxury range is unlike anything else you can buy.” Keith Barry

The AGA Mercury received quite the attention at this year’s show!  We were elated with its reception and greatly appreciated the feedback from those who attended.  The Mercury boasts an extra-large five-burner induction cooktop as well as a powerful five-burner gas cooktop.  The design style is in a league of its own while the luxury range exhibits requisite precision.  Here is a sampling of what had to say:


For now, though, just feast your eyes on these gorgeous ranges. Up top, you’ve got your choice of a massive, five-burner induction cooktop or gas burners. Down below, there are three ovens: a multi-function oven with convection and customizable burners, a large oven that can fit a 25 lb. turkey, and a pull-out grill for everything from toast to steak tips.

Every door on this UK-built range opened with the heft of a luxury car, and the dials and knobs all turned with exquisite precision. Even without any food on it, getting some hands-on time with the Mercury at Design and Construction Week was a joy.


First Look – AGA Professional Range from

“If there’s such a thing as value in luxury goods, this AGA is it.” Keith Barry

Our new line of AGA Professional Ranges gives the luxury market just what they’ve been asking for from AGA.  Ranges to suAGA Professional Ranges in 30 36 and 48 widthsite the replacement market now available in 30″, 36″ and 48″ sizes.  The AGA Professional line offers traditional Pro style and power in gorgeous stainless steel.  Functionality such as RapidBake Convection™, True Dual Flame™ double ring brass burners and Cool Flow™ Range Top Technology set these new ranges apart from the rest.  Here is a sampling of what had to say:




On specs alone, the 36-inch AGA appears to provide impressive internal competition. Both appliances have 4.9-cu.-ft. ovens, both offer self-cleaning, and both boast industrial designs. The Viking has six burners with one that tops out at 18,500 BTU, plus multiple 15,000 BTU burners. The 36-inch AGA has five burners and maxes at 17,500 with a few lower-powered ones. Both have convection, but Viking has a proprietary single-fan version while AGA has two fans.

Feel the Burn: AGA Introduces a 48″ Induction Cooktop from Digital Trends


Photo Credit: Digital Trends / Jenny McGrath

In addition to the Mercury range that captivated the masses, the 7-oven AGA Cast Iron Range in Aqua made quite the headlines!  Unveiling our “Build Your Own AGA” concept the cast iron AGA range boasts amazing colors, cooktop choices and integrated solutions so you may create the AGA which suites your lifestyle, cooking needs and kitchen space.  Here is a sampling of what Jenny McGrath from Digital Trends had to say:





Invented by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and coming in colors like rose, lemon, and pistachio, AGA cast iron ranges are definitely eye-catching. The luxury brand was at the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas this week, along with a couple new offerings.

We enjoyed bringing you this fun snapshot of KBIS 2016 Recap – AGA Ranges.  Be sure to stay connected and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Houzz for all the latest design trends and product launches!


DIY Network’s ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’ Spotlights AGA and Marvel Kitchen Appliances

Shortly after learning ‘The Vanilla Ice Project‘ specified a suite of our kitchen appliance for the premier show, our office was inundated with calls from print, radio and television news outlets requesting interviews to cover the story, like this write-up from The Grand Rapids Business Journal.


grbj-vanilla-ice-project-aga-marvelAppliance maker stars on DIY Network’s ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’

By Mike Nichols

An appliance maker’s kitchen set will star on the DIY Network’s home improvement reality show “The Vanilla Ice Project” on Saturday night.

Greenville-based AGA Marvel said this week that “The Vanilla Ice Project” will feature appliances by the luxury appliance maker on the show’s season premiere at 10:30 p.m.

The episode

The episode, titled “The Killer Kitchen,” is shot in a 3,000-square-foot home on an Olympic water-skiing lake in Lake Worth, Fla.

“Vanilla Ice and his crew flip the bombed-out kitchen and dining room into a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen,” according to the DIY Network.

The episode features several AGA Marvel kitchen appliances: a three-oven AGA Total Control Range cooker, a 72” Marvel Professional side-by-side refrigerator and freezer and an AGA Professional dishwasher.

The episode, starring host Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, shows the progress of the kitchen renovation.

The kitchen is also taken for a culinary test drive by Vanilla Ice and a local restaurateur, Chef Chris Hirsh. Chef Guy Fieri also makes a guest appearance on the episode.

Request for a kitchen

AGA found its way onto the show after the show’s producers contacted Leah Clark (Kalemba), AGA brand manager, regarding a specific request from Van Winkle for the “industry’s largest refrigerator and freezer configuration.”

Continue reading the full article from The Grand Rapids Business Journal…



AGA owners share their AGA love at the AGA Festival September 20, 2015

People discuss Aga ovens at the Aga Festival 2015 in London, Britain September 20, 2015. REUTERS/Luke MacGregorAGA owners share their AGA love at the AGA Festival September 20, 2015 marking this the first annual event. Reuters was on-site capturing every moment.  Over 100 people attended the Inaugural AGA Festival in London.  AGA ambassadors from all over the world were in attendance as were AGA owners from across the globe.  Held at the prestigious London Geographical Society, many shared stories (and recipes) of their beloved AGA.

In the news, Reuters, reported the packed event donning their article title, From Spies to Smartphones, Britain’s AGA Set for Another New Chapter.  Click here to read their full article.

People discuss Aga ovens at the Aga Festival 2015 in London, Britain September 20, 2015.  REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

A Traditional AGA Featured in Country Living Magazine

In Country Living Magazine, this reclaimed New York kitchen (dating back to 1755) showcases a Cream 3-oven traditional cast iron AGA cooker.  Thetraitional aga cooker in country living magazine 2015 favorite feature in the kitchen, the AGA sits on the footprint of the home’s old fireplace hearth. The article has already been shared 2,700 times after being posted just this week. This gave us the opportunity to engage in the dialogue on social media and educate on the new generation of AGA cast iron ranges. 

Country Living Magazine features the traditional AGA cooker









Click HERE to view the full article of a traditional AGA featured in Country Living Magazine.