Why Smaller Ovens Are Actually Better

The latest wave of kitchen appliances disproves the typical American belief that bigger is better. New multi-oven designs from AGA demonstrate that smaller ovens provide far bigger benefits in terms of energy efficiency, cooking versatility and performance than traditional single oven designs.

Consumers often look for the biggest oven they can buy, assuming it equates to better cooking performance. When really, all that capacity is completely unnecessary for the typical family meal, and it’s limiting when you want to cook more than one dish at the same time.

More ovens, less wasteful energy use

The most efficient way to cook, multi-oven ranges maximize the kitchen footprint by splitting the cooking cavity into separate ovens, each with its own temperature control. This offers versatility to cook items large or small using only the ovens required, which conserves energy compared to heating one large cavity every time. It’s this resourceful design that earned AGA multi-oven ranges a European efficiency rating of A or higher.

Multi-oven multi-tasking

People who entertain frequently will find multi-oven designs offer the most cooking versatility in a kitchen range. Rather than juggling cook times and temperatures for a Thanksgiving dinner, a full meal can be prepared simultaneously.

The swiss army knife of cooking appliances, AGA multi-oven ranges are designed to be a major workhorse in the kitchen. Three separate ovens provide European convection, 7-mode multifunction cooking and dual-element broiling. And, our ovens are capable of fitting a 25-lb turkey.

Simultaneous cooking with no flavor transfer

Roasting a chicken and baking a cake at the same time can prove to be a challenge with single oven designs. Not only is there only one temperature setting, but sputtering sauces or drippings can mix between dishes and affect taste. And, the convection heat of most single oven ranges carries food moisture throughout the oven cavity. That means the flavor and smells of items can intermix when cooking more than one dish in the oven, particularly with absorbent foods. With separate ovens, there’s no concern of transferring smells or flavors.

“Typically weekday dinners are prepared on the stovetop since oven cooking may not accommodate lifestyle or time available for cooking the family meal,” explains Chef Kurt von Kahle. “A smaller oven heats up quickly to assist with both, the side dishes and provide speed in preparing the 30 minute meal. The versatility of the cooking functions in smaller ovens can work well for family dinner plans and expand menu options.”

Fortunately, buyers looking to expand their cooking capabilities at home have a wide selection of options to choose from on the multi-oven platform. Appliance manufacturers like AGA offer 36″ and 48″ induction and dual fuel multi-oven ranges with assorted design options, including retro, ultra-contemporary, French chic and professional-style.

With more education, consumers will soon discover that multi-oven ranges can do more for them than the average single oven range, and the tide will change.

Why Smaller Ovens Are Actually Better

ALEG-36-DF 36" AGA Legacy Range shown in use


AGA Elise 48" Dual Fuel Range


New AGA Mercury and AGA Elise 48″ multi-oven ranges now available to order

Greenville, Mich. (October 5, 2016) – Luxury appliance manufacturer AGA announces the official launch of its new AGA Mercury and AGA Elise multi-oven ranges, designed to offer more functionality and design options within a 48″ footprint and emulate the distinctive European styling and cooking performance synonymous with the AGA brand.

AGA Mercury Multi-Oven Range in Stainless Steel

New AGA Mercury 48″ multi-oven range in stainless steel finish

Intended to be dynamic statement pieces in the kitchen, the new AGA Mercury and AGA Elise ranges are built on a versatile 48″ multi-oven platform with three spacious ovens and 5-burner cooktop, in gas or induction options.

“This marks our entry as the largest induction cooktop you can find in the marketplace,” says Diane Devereaux, AGA brand manager. “Each model offers vastly different aesthetics than what’s currently available in the 48″ size, and this launch provides a refreshing expansion of options for a wider breadth of kitchen styles.”

For those who prefer modern design, the stately AGA Mercury integrates contemporary details, like a sleek zero-clearance façade, Hi-Fi style cooking controls and bezeled knobs. The French-inspired AGA Elise features distinguished brushed chrome accents and a bespoke style adaptable to a variety of kitchen décor styles from traditional to country chic. Both ranges are available in six finishes, including gloss black, matte black, white, scarlet, ivory and stainless steel.

Engineered with 7 cooking modes and three spacious ovens

Engineered with three fast-heating ovens, AGA Mercury and Elise provide over 6 cubic feet of cooking space to seamlessly cook multiple meals at varying temperatures. One extra-large multifunction oven features seven modes including defrost, convection, convection broiling, fan assist bake, conventional, browning and base heat settings.

AGA Elise Multi-Oven Range in Scarlet

New AGA Elise 48″ multi-oven range shown in scarlet

Additional features include a storage drawer for baking trays, telescopic heavy-duty stainless steel shelves and steadfast pan supports, EasyClean technology and a dual circuit glide-out grill large enough to cook as many as six 6-ounce steaks.

Both ranges are A rated for energy efficiency, the best possible efficiency rating achievable.

The first dealers with the new AGA Mercury and AGA Elise on display in North America include A-1 Appliance in Nashville, Tennessee, Karl’s Appliance in New Jersey, New York, Millennium Sounds in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Appliance Loft in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Find more product details or locate the nearest AGA dealer.

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The Next Generation of AGA Cast Iron Ranges


The Next Generation of AGA Cast Iron Ranges bring more flexibility, fuel economy for modern cooking needs

AGA Dual Control 3-Oven Cooking with Cast Iron

AGA Dual Control with three gas ovens and two electric hotplates. Color: Duck Egg Blue

(November 11, 2014) – The most recommended cooking brand in America announces the release of its new collection of AGA cast iron ranges, each designed to heighten expectations of today’s luxury kitchen ranges.  Now with improved control, dual fuel options and better energy efficiency, the next generation continues to embody the well-known benefits of cast iron radiant heat cooking.

From the introduction of new fuel types to the ability to turn your AGA on and off, AGA cooking has evolved to ensure relevance in the 21st century.  Embracing a centuries worth of heritage the iconic AGA boasts quality craftsmanship in an array of gorgeous colors.

On January 1, 2015, the company will retire its traditional AGA cooker in North America launching the next generation of AGA cast iron ranges which include the AGA Dual Control, AGA City24, AGA Total Control and the AGA Companion.

The AGA Dual Control harkens after the beloved traditional cooker with functional improvements to provide up to 30% more energy efficiency.  This duel fuel option available with either gas or electric ovens, can be set to provide constant, indirect radiant heat, may be set to slumber for faster preheating times or may be shut off entirely during warmer months requiring less usage.

The AGA City24 model is a breakthrough category, offering the best of AGA cooking in a slimmer footprint, ideal for compact living or when a 24” standard space is required.  Or, two of these units can be combined to fill a standard 48” opening.

The AGA Total Control features state-of-the-art touchscreen controls for multi-function flexibility and programming.  Each oven and hotplate may be turned on or off independently or programmed to be ready to cook on a particular schedule.

And, The AGA Companion appeals to those who desire the iconic AGA look with conventional cooking solutions.  This freestanding range also makes for a perfect companion alongside any cast iron AGA range featuring four versatile gas burners, a convection and conventional oven, broiler and easy to use controls.

These fully assembled ranges are now easier to deliver, install and maintain, too.

About AGA 

AGA is considered by high-end consumers and cooking enthusiasts to be the world’s best cooking experience. It’s the number one cooking brand owners are most likely to recommend on account of its quality construction, flexibility and ultimate ease of use.
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