Q1. What power supply do I need to install my cooker?

Please ensure your fitters refer to the fitters guide before installation.

Ceramic and Induction models may be connected to a suitable 6mm cable with a 32-amp breaker (providing the isolator switch, which turns the power on and off to the cooker, does not incorporate a 13 amp socket). However to provide greater flexibility, we recommend a 10mm cable with a 45 amp breaker.


These are guidelines and other factors may alter the cable/breaker power. Therefore we cannot provide electrical information as the qualified electrician has to make calculations based on what is around the cooker e.g. boilers etc.

Q2. Do you offer a repair service?

If you are experience problems with your appliance, you can call us at 800-223-3900 and we can help diagnose the issue and set up a service call. Or you can find a servicer in your area by visiting our Service page and call them directly. 


Q3. Out of warranty repairs?

Please call our tech support team at 800-223-3900 or email techsupport@agamarvel.com for support. We can take the details and book a servicer on your behalf. Having your serial number handy will help expedite the process.

Q4. Where can I find my User Guide and installation & Service Instructions?

All User Guides and Installation & Service instructions are placed within an oven cavity prior to delivery.

If you require a copy, all of our User Guides are available to download electronically on our website here. If you cannot find the User Guide you are looking for, call us at 800-223-3900 and we will email it to you.

Q5. What do I do if I smell gas?

1. Do not turn electric switches on or off.

2. Do not smoke.

3. Do not use open flames.

4. Do turn off the gas at the meter.

5. Do open doors and windows to get rid of the gas.

6. Do keep people away from the area affected.

Call your gas supplier or fire department for assistance.

Q6. Who do I speak to if I need service or tech support?

If you are experiencing problems with your appliance and it is still within the manufacturer's warranty, call us 800-223-3900. Please have your serial number and appliance details available for faster service.

Once we have diagnosed the problem we can usually arrange for one of our approved service companies to complete the repair. 

If you have a new appliance and find that there may be a missing or damaged part, please report this immediately by calling 800-223-3900.

Q7. What does the AGA Mercury and Elise multifunction oven do?

The multifunction oven provides 7 functions for flexible cooking. From crisping up the base of your pizza to browning your favorite pasta dish. This feature offers a variety of functions all in one oven: Convection, Convection Broiling, Fan Assist Bake, Conventional, Browning, Base Heat and Defrost. 

Functions include:

  1. Convection - a fan draws air from the interior of the oven, heats it up and forces it back into the cavity again. The heat is evenly distributed for consistent multi-level baking.
  2. Convection Broiling - broils food more evenly, while preventing cooking smells from permeating the room.
  3. Fan Assist Bake - utilizing the conventional oven elements alongside the fan, this produces zoned cooking with the hottest zone being featured at the top of the oven.
  4. Conventional  - this traditional cooking method uses heat sourced from both the top and base of the oven, which results in a natural convection process that centers the heat in the top of the oven. For baking, cook in the center of the oven and slightly reduce the temperature.
  5. Browning element - to use at the end of cooking for the finishing and browning of cheese topped dishes that are already hot.
  6. Base heat - using the lower element only, this cooking method is best used for finishing off your dishes, such as crisping up the base of a pizza or ensuring the base of a pastry flan is fully cooked.
  7. Defrost - an incredibly safe way to speed up the defrosting process, as it uses the fan to circulate unheated air, so won't accidentally cook the food like a microwave can. Remember not to defrost meat or poultry in this way.
Q8. How do I register my warranty?

Visit our Warranty Registration page to register your AGA.



Q9. Can you explain how induction works?

The electricity supply generates a magnetic field. By placing a pan onto the induction zone you complete the circuit, the pan becomes hot and in turn heats the contents of the pan.

Induction pans need to be ferrous based; a magnet should stick to the base. Stainless steel, or cast iron is ideal. Induction cooking is 90% efficient, fast, powerful, controllable and safe. Easy to clean; the glass hob stays cool preventing spillages from burning on. 

Important information for pacemaker and implanted insulin pump users: The functions of this hob comply with the applicable European standards on electro magnetic interference. If you are fitted with a pacemaker or implanted insulin pump, you must make sure your implants are not affected by the induction hob. Please consult your doctor for medical advice. The frequency range of the induction hob is 20-60kHz.

To learn more about induction, visit our AGA Induction Technology page.

Q10. What other appliances do you make?

We also make matching suite products to complete a full AGA kitchen, include AGA dishwashers and French door refrigerators. Visit Complete Your Suite for more details.

Q11. Where can I buy spare parts?

You can buy product parts directly from us by calling 800-223-3900. Please have your serial number and appliance details on hand. (To find your serial number, refer to 'where can I find my model or serial no?' in the FAQs).


Q12. Can I purchase an LPG cooker?

You may purchase an AGA gas or dual fuel range with an LP conversion kit. Please check with your AGA dealer for details or contact AGA customer support at 800-223-3900 with any additional questions.

Q13. Where can I find, view or buy an AGA range?

We have a nationwide network of dealers ready to help you find the right AGA for you. Simply go to the Where to Buy page and enter your location and the distance you are willing to travel.

Note: We advise that you contact your preferred dealer prior to your visit to check stock availability.

Q14. What size baking trays can I fit into my AGA Mercury/Elise range?

AGA Mercury and Elise ranges can fit a half-sheet baking tray and can accommodate pans measuring up to 17"w x 14"d. Below are some recommended options that will fit within the ovens of your product.

Q15. What clearance is required for an AGA range?

Assuming the cooker is going into a run of units then a gap of 1110mm is needed for the Falcon 1092 and 918mm for the Falcon 900, to allow access to remove the cooker for servicing and for the doors to open fully.

If fitting the cooker near to a corner of the kitchen then a distance of 130mm is needed either side to allow the doors to open fully.

Q16. Can my range be converted to LPG and back again?

All AGA gas ranges can be converted to LPG. Please order your LPG conversion kit when ordering your range, or contact AGA Tech Support to request one aftermarket at 800-223-3900 or techsupport@agamarvel.com. 

Q17. What is induction cooking?

Induction is by far the most energy-efficient cooking method available by delivering over 90% of the energy it uses to the pan, compared to 48% with gas.

It is also extremely precise, offering even better controllability than gas with additional safety features not available in other cooking types. For more details, see our page on AGA Induction Cooking Technology

Q18. Where can I find cleaning advice?

Detailed information on cleaning your AGA appliance, including help with removing oven racks is found in your owner manual. Manuals for current models can be downloaded from its product page on this website. For older manuals, please visit the Owner Guides page or send an email request from our Customer Care page.

We also offer tips on cleaning your AGA in the Care & Use section of our blog.

Q19. Can I buy directly from you?

Seeing and feeling an AGA is the best way to experience the AGA difference. We have large number of retailers throughout North America who can help you choose the right one for you. 

To find one in your area, visit the Where to Buy page.

Q20. Further help or support

If you have any further questions that have not been answered here please visit the Customer Care page to send us an email or call us at 800.223.3900.

Q21. Does the cast iron AGA offer a dual fuel solution especially if electricity is a limited option?

Yes, the AGA Dual Control Natural Gas Range. It is created similar to the traditional AGA cooker in that it has a single heat source. The three-ovens can be heated using natural gas while the hotplates are heated using electricity.

Q22. Which new generation AGA is most like the traditional AGA cooker?

The AGA Dual Control is very similar to the traditional AGA cooker in the effect its heat is provided from a single heat source. This single heat source gradually heats the cast iron over a course of eight (8) hours from setting cold. The newer features of the AGA Dual Control now embodies a slumber feature maintaining the cast iron radiant heat at 212° F, allowing you to achieve ready temperature in four (4) hours versus eight (8). The hotplates work independently from each other and the ovens.

Q23. How can I find out how old my AGA is?

Call AGA Customer Support at 800-1223-3900 and have your serial number ready (to locate your serial number, refer to 'where can I find my model or serial no?' on the FAQs above). We will check the serial number in our database and give you the build date of your AGA.

Q24. Why is steam coming out of the oven?

When cooking food with high water content, there may be some steam visible and this is perfectly normal.

Take care when opening the oven door, as there may be a momentary puff of steam when the oven door is opened. Stand well back and allow any steam to disperse.

Q25. How is it the AGA Dual Control can heat faster than the traditional AGA cooker when they both have a single heat source?

The traditional AGA cooker was designed to be a heat storage unit and therefore required a vast amount of cast iron which took 24 hours to heat thoroughly given its single heat source. The new AGA Dual Control uses less cast iron and is not designed to be a heat storage unit. The hotplates no longer require several hundred pounds of cast iron to radiate heat to the hotplate surface.

Q26. Does the AGA cast iron range require special floor support being it is so heavy?

Customers do need to ensure their floors will support the weight of the cast iron AGA being purchased. It is best advised you contact your local AGA Dealer and begin these conversations. Local building codes are also different across the country so be sure when building/remodeling you consult a professional. Floor must be finished prior to installation of range. Notify your AGA Dealer of the floor type, i.e. tile, wood, vinyl. Floor must be level, front to back, side to side and diagonally before installation of range. Minor adjustments may be made with shims provided with the range in the installation packaging.

Q27. How do I clean the underside of my insulated cover?
The AGA Chrome & Steel Cleaner, when used daily, will aid in keeping the underside of your insulated covers clean. Being sure to clean your insulated covers after every use will prevent grease build up.