AGA Cast Iron Ranges

AGA Cast Iron Ranges

The AGA Isn’t An Appliance. It’s a Way of Life!

Enter the home of any AGA owner and you will find family and friends gathered around the kitchen while the host leans against their range with a glass of wine in hand and a smile illuminating each face. AGA cast iron ranges are truly the heart of the home.

Beneath the glossy enamel of every AGA beats the heart of quality cast iron. It is this cast iron which sets AGA apart and exemplifies the AGA difference. Deep within the AGA rests a patented burner.  A unique temperature regulation system continually transfers heat to each oven and hotplate at precise pre-set levels while the cast iron focuses on heat retention.

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The efficient radiant heat and insulated design minimizes fuel consumption and creates optimal cooking conditions without the drying, direct heat used in traditional ranges. Gentle radiant heat locks in moisture preserving flavor, nutrients and the integrity of the foods being cooked.

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3-Oven Cast Iron Ranges

Options include the all-electric Total Control and the Dual Control with your choice of fuel options.

Integrated Solutions

Turn your 3-oven AGA in to a 5 or 7-oven AGA by adding one or more of our integrated solutions. The Hotcupboard is available with warming plates or an induction cooktop. The Module features gas burners.

Freestanding 2-Oven Range for Compact Living

Everything you want from an AGA cast iron range, but designed for small spaces. Enjoy the benefits of cast iron cooking with the City24 Dual Fuel.