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AGA Total Control 3-Oven

Just over 38″ wide, the 3-oven AGA offers three radiant-heat cast iron ovens and two hotplates giving you ten delicious ways to cook using one range. Controlled using a touch-screen panel or remote control handset, this range has a roasting, baking and simmer oven.

As the next generation of European cooking technology, AGA Total Control is an unrivaled range cooker by function and revered status symbol by design — now engineered for ultimate cooking flexibility.

The AGA Total Control features touchscreen controls for multi-function flexibility and a digital remote to program the ovens to turn on and off at scheduled times. And for the first time, each oven and hotplate has its own heat source for even more efficiency and versatility.

Technical Specifications

Oven doors are shipped unattached. Once doors are installed via a simple hinge-pin system (no tools required), the unit is ready to plug in for use. 6-ft., 4-prong power cord attached. The TC3 is a room vented appliance, fitted with a low level vent. AGA Range Vent Hoods are available through your AGA Dealer.

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Total Control 3-Oven Specs
C – Control Panel
B – Boiling Plate (626° F)
S – Simmering Plate (392° F)
1 – Roasting Oven (425°-475° F)
2 – Baking Oven (325°-375° F)
3 – Slow Cook Oven (212°-245° F)

Remote Control

Program the remote control handset to schedule the ovens to come on automatically for one or two cooking cycles per day, seven days per week. You can also set the AGA Total Control to fill your kitchen with the gentle ambient warmth for which the AGA cooker is renowned.

Manual – Each zone (an oven or hotplate) can be operated individually in manual mode. Any zone selected will remain on until switched off.

Slumber (ovens only) – All three ovens are active, pre-set at a simmering heat. Slumber setting is ideal for slow cooking and providing your kitchen with a gentle heat, creating that unmistakable ambient AGA warmth. When the ovens are in slumber mode, they take less time to reach full heat.

Auto (ovens only) – Choosing auto function brings selected ovens up to full heat from OFF when a program is set.  The ovens can be selected to operate once or twice each day, with the start and finish time of the ‘cooking cycles’ set by the user.

Auto slumber (ovens only) – Choosing this setting automatically brings the ovens up to full heat from slumber mode.

AGA Total Control 3-Oven Model Number
Black ATC3-BLK
Pewter ATC3-PWT
Claret ATC3-CLT
Cream ATC3-CRM
White ATC3-WHT
Pistachio ATC3-PIS
Dark Blue ATC3-DBL
Pearl Ashes ATC3-PAS
Aubergine ATC3-AUB
Duck Egg Blue ATC3-DEB

Model# ATC3

Due to variances among color monitors, the colors that appear on your screen may not be exact. For best color representation, please order a free color sample.

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