AGA Cast Iron Range in Dark Blue

What Size AGA is Right for You?

Customize Your AGA to Suit Your Cooking Style, Your Design Needs and Your Kitchen Space

Whether you prefer the all-electric Total Control or the dual-fuel options of the Dual Control, all AGA Ranges include cast iron ovens. They are paramount to the AGA experience.

So how many ovens are right for you?

3 Ovens: The Iconic Beginning

The 3-oven AGA Range is the building block to every AGA cast iron configuration. You’ll experience the many benefits of cooking with cast iron radiant heat with either the AGA Total Control or AGA Dual Control. Both offer three ovens and two hotplates all with pre-set temperature settings that may be used as a freestanding range or integrated into your kitchen design.

Looking for more? Extend the versatility of your AGA Total Control or your AGA Dual Control with one or more of our integrated solutions to build your ideal 5-oven or 7-oven+ AGA range.

AGA Total Control 3-Oven | ATC3

Looking for the 5-Oven AGA?

The 5-oven AGA Range is now available in multiple configurations, allowing you to build your own AGA!

Previously, a 5-oven AGA Cast Iron Range meant a cast iron 3-oven range with the Hotcupboard with Warming Plate. Now, with the introduction of the dual-fuel Integrated Module and the Hotcupboard with Induction Top, you have a choice giving you the ability to create the AGA of your dreams.

AGA Total Control 5-Oven | ATC5AGA Total Control 5-Oven | ATC5

5 Ovens: A Favorite Among Foodies

Perfect for large families or for anyone who loves to entertain, the 5-oven solution offers you the extra cooking and oven space you’re looking for. Hinging off the benefits of the 3 cast iron ovens, the additional 2-oven solution you choose depends on what additional cooking styles you would like to incorporate into your kitchen. Choose from a variety of heat sources such as induction or gas top burners, conventional and convection ovens or a warming oven with an additional slow cooking oven.

7+ Ovens: The Ultimate Cooking Experience

Achieve the ultimate cooking experience by integrating as many solutions as your kitchen space will allow. Using the cast iron 3-oven AGA range as the building block, the configurations are endless when you combine it with our integrated solutions.

There are many benefits of having variety of ovens which demonstrate a variety of heating solutions such as radiant heat, conventional, warming, fanned convection. Cooktop solutions such as gas top burners, cast iron hotplates, induction and warming plates give endless creative abilities.

Each solution operates separately and independently from your 3-oven AGA cast iron range and is seamless in appearance.

7-Oven AGA Range in White