AGA Designer Ranges

The modern-day incarnation of the iconic 19th century AGA, this collection culminates the finest attributes of world-class cooking. Each model’s aesthetic detailing is divine in its own right and features three heat-efficient ovens, dynamic multifunction cooking control and adjustable racking systems. The AGA Designer Collection is more than head-turning style – it’s the opus of culinary ingenuity.

From an amazing array of colors to a stylish selection of modern trims, AGA Designer Ranges offer something for everyone. Whether you are seeking a more traditional-style range or looking for a sophisticated, contemporary design, AGA is the cornerstone of your kitchen. This luxury designer series is available in gas and induction cooktops and all models feature multiple ovens with a variety of cooking modes. They’re not only beautiful, they are built from the highest quality components and are rigorously tested so you can bake, broil, simmer and saute for years to come.

AGA Mercury
Stately precision

AGA Elise
Elegant simplicity