AGA Dual Control

The AGA Dual Control is everything you love about the AGA range cooker, but with added flexibility and reduced running and servicing costs. Available as an electric or gas model, this range offers the ability to operate the hotplates independently from the ovens with a simple turn of a dial. 

Radiant Heat AGA Dual Control
Gentle Warmth

Just like a traditional AGA model, the cast-iron ovens of the AGA Dual Control are always available for use and ready to cook the moment you are. The AGA Dual Control ranges offer everything you love about cooking with cast iron with added flexibility and up to 30% reduced running costs compared to the traditional AGA cooker. Designed with simplicity of use and energy savings in mind, the turn dial controls makes operation a cinch.

With the AGA Dual Control, you can switch your ovens off while you're away, and there is a useful energy saving mode for even greater efficiency. 

This 24/7 radiant heat is ideal for those who work from home or are often in the house, providing comfort and warmth at the heart of the home. 

AGA Dual Control hotplate
Enhanced Versatility

While the ovens of the AGA Dual Control are designed to always be on and ready for use, the hotplates can be independently controlled and switched on and off as required, reducing energy consumption and running costs.

Easy to control, each cast-iron hotplate operates independently or simultaneously at the touch of a button and can be used even when the ovens are off.

Baking in the AGA Dual Control
Delicious Bakes

The 3-oven model of the AGA Dual Control features cast-iron ovens for roasting, simmering and baking.

Just like a traditional baker's brick oven, the AGA baking oven radiates a consistent, even heat so cakes rise well and remain moist throughout and the moderate temperature is ideal for puff pastry, scones and other baked goods.

The heat of the baking oven is always exactly right for perfectly baked bread and cakes so there is no need to set a temperature, like with a conventional range.

AGA Dual Control for Every Kitchen
Perfect for Every Kitchen

The AGA Dual Control is available with a choice of fuel options, including gas or electric, and 10 gorgeous colors to choose from.

Each AGA Dual Control is coated with easy-to-clean vitreous enamel, a century-old artisan method done by skilled craftsmen. Not only beautiful in aesthetic, but this meticulous process also strengthens every AGA cast iron range with a hard, protective finish.

This model can also be complemented by an integrated module, which offers two additional ovens and the option of a warming plate or state-of-the-art induction cooktop, to extend your cooking space and the functionality of your range.