AGA Mercury

With finely-tuned performance, the stylish AGA Mercury Range embodies contemporary details, sleek zero-clearance façade and Hi-Fi style cooking controls.  

Refined Mod Styling

The AGA Mercury range is known for its bold design and anchoring style as a statement piece in the kitchen.

Designed and built in the UK, this range uses the highest quality components and integrates sleek details, like Hi-Fi style cooking controls and a stylish handrail.

A technical masterpiece, the AGA Mercury Range is the embodiment of exquisite quality and stylish, thoughtful design.

The AGA Mercury is available in six sophisticated finish options, including Gloss or Matte Black, Ivory, Midnight Sky, Stainless Steel and White making it a perfect match for any kitchen. 

Mercury Ovens
Multi-Ovens for Multi-Tasking

With the 48" model, three separate ovens totaling six cubic feet can cook as little or as much as you want and each space-efficient oven can fit a 25-lb turkey.

The multi-function oven offers seven cooking options including Defrost, Convection, Convection Broiling, Fan Assist Bake, Conventional, Browning and Base Heat, and comes equipped with a telescopic shelf that prevents the shelf from tipping forward when removing food from the oven.

A second extra-large true European convection oven evenly circulates heat for excellent cooking performance. 

Gas Cooktop on the AGA Mercury
5-Burner Gas Cooktop

Offering precise control for expert cooks, the 5-burner gas cooktop features sealed brass burners with an exceptionally large center burner for oversized stockpots and wok cooking.

Cast-iron pan supports are sturdy and durable, offering heavy-duty performance and resistance against wear and tear.

The five gas burners on the AGA Mercury Range are topped with a porcelain enamel finish cast-iron flame spreader to provide heat distribution and retention for highly controllable cooking. 

Induction hob on the AGA Mercury range
Innovative Induction Technology

The AGA Mercury Induction Range offers an extra-large five-zone ceramic glass induction cooktop as an alternative to a gas cooktop.

Induction cooking is safe and efficient, making use of 90% of the available heat compared to 55% with that of a gas burner.

A pan detection function recognizes when a pan is placed on to one of the induction zones and will switch the heated zone off automatically when removed for enhanced safety.

With nine power settings, this induction hob offers enhanced flexibility to cater for all types of cooking, including low temperature and simmer settings. Each zone also has a boost function to rapidly reach maximum temperature.