AGA Professional

With a sleek European design, 5-burner cooktop and dual fuel cooking versatility, this self-cleaning professional range features a multi-function oven for more cooking performance than any other range in its class

Cooktop choice

The 5-burner dual fuel model is a tried and true best-seller and the new all-electric induction cooktop model is now available with the latest in precision cooking technology. 

Style statement

If you're a serious cook, you need a serious range. With a wealth of features, including a spacious 7-mode multifunction oven and robust dual pan broiler system, the AGA Professional range delivers professional performance any gourmand would expect from a range of this caliber. 

Professional Details

With commercial-grade die-cast metal knobs and all-stainless finish, the AGA Professional range offers the sleek modern lines of its contemporaries with a few extra treats thrown in.