Designed to Fit Beautifully in Your AGA Kitchen

These beautifully crafted dishwashers features quiet sound insulation technology and a wide variety of settings that delivers superior cleaning performance. The top rack wash option allows you to wash a few items in the top rack only without waiting for a full load. Optimized spray arms shoot water from five angles to thoroughly clean dishes and silverware. Fully integrated controls are hidden inside the cabinet at the top of the door for a streamlined look.

Dishwasher Top Rack


Multi-Level Washing for Wash-It-Once Results

Variable pressure washing with three spray arms, sensor monitors to assess the soil level of dishes, and a triple filtration system to remove even the smallest particles all work in harmony to make sure your dishes are clean the first time.

6 Cycles with 4 Options
Cycles include Pots/Pans Plus (extra-heavy); Pots/Pans (heavy); Regular Wash (normal); Daily Wash (medium); Quick Wash (35 minutes!); Rinse/Hold (pre-rinse).

Options include Half Load to save energy; Auto Tablet detects rinse aid and automatically sets drying time duration; Delay Start lets you delay activation for up to 24 hours; Sanitize brings the water temperature up to NSF requirements.

  • LCD screen displays remaining run time.
  • Floor indicator light discreetly displays on floor while dishwasher is running.
Adjustable Upper Rack


Adjustable Top Rack
Two positions allows you to accommodate taller glasses in the upper rack or larger pans in the bottom rack.

Adjustable Tines on Lower Rack
Four rows of tines can be adjusted for easier loading of pans.

Stemware Cradles
Two stemware cradles gently hold wine glasses to prevent damage.

Sliding One-Piece Cutlery Basket
Every load is different. And the sliding cutlery basket makes it easier to fit everything in every load.

Holds 14 Place Settings

Dishwasher Soap Dispenser


Condensate Quick Dry
Moisture condensates on the cooler stainless steel tank and door and drains to the sump area for quick and efficient drying.


Quiet Operation
Three layers of insulation create one of the quietest dishwashers on the market.

Ordering Information

3 Models Available in Up to 6 Colors

Includes panel-ready dishwasher FDWU324 and Door Panel Kit
(some assembly required)

Mercury Dishwasher

Product Spec Sheet

AMCTTDW-BLK (Gloss Black)
AMCTTDW-MBL (Matte Black)
AMCTTDW-SKY (Midnight Sky)
AMCTTDW-SS (Stainless Steel)

Elise Dishwasher

Product Spec Sheet

AELTTDW-BLK (Gloss Black)
AELTTDW-MBL (Matte Black)
AELTTDW-SKY (Midnight Sky)
AELTTDW-SS (Stainless Steel)

Professional Dishwasher

Product Spec Sheet

AMPROTTDW-SS (Stainless Steel)

Gloss Black
Matte Black
Midnight Sky
Stainless Steel

Product Documents

Owner Guide
Unit Installation Guide
Door Panel Installation Guide
Energy Guide