AGA Cast Iron Range Color Story

The Artisan Method

Much like a gemstone, the signature beauty of an AGA cast iron range lies within its gleaming vitreous enamel, the breathtaking result of century-old artisan methods born from the industrial revolution. This meticulous process is fascinating to watch and requires a great level of skill – a role the expert craftsmen at the historic Coalbrookdale Foundry hold with tremendous pride.

First, powered glass pigments are color-matched to create the perfect shade of vitreous enamel from the AGA color palette of 10 hues. Then, multiple protective coats are then applied and kilned at high temperatures, layer upon layer, transforming into a distinctive high luster finish.

Made to Endure a Lifetime

Not just beautiful in aesthetic, but this style of craftsmanship also strengthens every AGA cast iron range with a hard, protective finish. By nature, vitreous enamel is a strong, easy-to-clean composite with inherent properties resistant to heavy use and high temperatures. Because the enamel is glass, not paint, its long-lasting color fastness will not fade under ultraviolet light.

The Colorful Distinction of Vitreous Enamel

AGA vitreous enamel is comprised of natural minerals mixed from the earth and a blend of metal oxides – cobalt, praseodymium, iron and neodymium – lend color to the characteristic shades. As with any artisan process like fired glass, conditions at the time it was made and natural properties of the minerals themselves will lightly influence the final hue. Interestingly enough, it’s also why the optical appearance can vary with lighting. Models handcrafted on different days, such as an AGA Total Control and an AGA Integrated Module, could present minor variances indiscernible to the eye in a finished kitchen presentation all your own.

Over time and with continual use, your AGA cast iron range will fashion a subtle, richer hue truly unique to you. It’s just one of the many reasons why AGA owners call their AGA range part of the family.