AGA Induction Technology

Fast, responsive and incredibly controllable, induction cooking is becoming increasingly popular. AGA induction technology is available on Mercury, Elise and Professional ranges to give you more options akin to your design AND cooking style. Not all induction is created equal--see what sets AGA induction apart from the rest.

AGA Induction Chocolate Melting
Low temperature simmer settings

Choose this option to hold a low temperature for a period of two hours, after which the induction burner will switch itself off. Great for melting butter or chocolate, keeping food warm or cooking delicate sauces on a gentle simmer.

Bridge Zone Element
Bridge Zone Element

Available on the new AGA Professional Induction Range, this new function includes two large cooking zones that can be used independently or bridged together to create one large surface area for a griddle or a number of pans together.

We’ve also developed a brand new induction compatible griddle, available to order as an additional accessory. Constructed of durable cast aluminum, it’s lightweight yet hardwearing with rubber feet to protect the glass hob beneath.

AGA Induction Multiple Pans
Triple Zone Power Boost

This function offers maximum power in an instant and is available on each of the cooking zones. Perfect for rapidly boiling water or cooking large pots.

Pan Detection

AGA induction burners will recognize when a pan is placed on any of the cooking zones and will switch off automatically once the pan is removed from the surface.

Boil Dry
Boil Dry Protection

Sensors also will detect when the temperature of a pan rises rapidly, usually when a pan is about to boil dry, and will automatically reduce the power.

AGA Induction Easy Clean
Easy to Clean

Since the surface stays cool, spills will not stick or burn onto the surface, making cleaning a simple wipe-down.

AGA Induction Pan
Built-in Safety Features

A child safety feature locks the cooktop operation from unwanted use. And, its surface retains minimal heat, preventing burns from accidental touch.

AGA Induction Pan
Energy Efficient Operation

Up to 90% efficient, induction heats the pan directly, rather than the cooktop surface.