AGA Kitchen Concierge Program

Experience firsthand why the world has fallen in love with an AGA

According to the Luxury Brand Status Index, AGA is the highest rated home appliance brand for being perceived as truly unique and exclusive! The new generation of AGA cast iron ranges exemplifies this innovation providing more options for customers in North America.

The AGA Kitchen Concierge program is designed specifically for AGA customers and prospective customers. With one source dedicated to all things AGA, our Kitchen Concierge program ensures all of your questions are answered, product materials are readily available and AGA lovers stay up-to-date on the latest trends, fashions and range options.

Additionally, AGA Marvel has hand selected and certified a team of AGA Ambassadors throughout North America to assist customers in selecting an AGA which suites their lifestyle. Our AGA Ambassadors provide a hands-on, intimate demonstration of how to properly use the AGA – answering questions and creating delicious foods every step of the way.

We at AGA Marvel desire to create a positive, fulfilling experience while exploring which AGA is right for you!

For more information contact AGA Kitchen Concierge at (800) 525-5601 today!