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AGA Design Studio at Grange Furniture
New York Design Center
200 Lexington Avenue • 2nd floor
New York, NY 10016

The AGA Design Studios at GRANGE offers clients the best of European Living, no passport required!

Experience one-on-one,  concierge-style client services, where your every AGA and Grange need can be attended to in a welcoming and warm professional setting.

Bienvenue — Welcome to GRANGE, where our handcrafted, fine French furniture is brought to life in well-appointed lifestyle ambiances. Feel at home relaxing in a great room while creating customized furnishings with our GRANGE experts, or check out what’s cooking in our AGA kitchen! Let our team provide you the ultimate AGA castiron range experience.  Upon your request,  enjoy personalized, live cooking demonstrations on the 3-Oven AGA Total Control or AGA City24. Learn the benefits of radiant heat cooking and why the AGA is known as Britain’s kitchen icon and perfect for your lifestyle!

As the North American premier venues for our coveted European brands, trust in our exemplary service and customer care.  Visit AGA Design Studios at GRANGE  online or at any of these showroom locations, and  we’ll be happy to arrange your appointment.