Your Questions About AGA Answered

Whether you are interested in learning who invented the cast iron AGA cooker or would like to know which products are recommended for cleaning your cast iron AGA range, the answers are here at your fingertips.  Select the category below to read our list of answers to frequently asked questions.  In the event your question is not asked below, feel free to contact us at 800-223-3900.

General Product FAQs - Click to view

Does the cast iron AGA offer a duel fuel solution especially if electricity is a limited option?
Yes, the AGA Dual Control Natural Gas Range.  It is created similar to the traditional AGA cooker in that it has a single heat source.  The three-ovens can be heated using natural gas while the hotplates are heated using electricity.

Is the AGA Companion made of cast iron?
The top, front plate and doors of the AGA Companion are made of solid cast iron while the ovens are made of porcelain panels which operate like that of a standard cooking appliance.  The top oven of the AGA Companion is a conventional oven with a broiler/grilling function and the bottom oven is a convection oven using a fan to evenly distribute heat.

Which new generation AGA is most like the Traditional AGA Cooker?
The AGA Dual Control is very similar to the traditional AGA cooker in the effect its heat is provided from a single heat source.  This single heat source gradually heats the cast iron over a course of eight (8) hours from setting cold.  The newer features of the AGA Dual Control now embodies a slumber feature maintaining the cast iron radiant heat at 212° F allowing you to achieve ready temperature in four (4) hours versus eight (8).  The hotplates work independently from each other and the ovens.

How is it the AGA Dual Control can heat faster than the traditional AGA cooker when they both have a single heat source?
The traditional AGA cooker was designed to be a heat storage unit therefore it require a vast amount of cast iron which took 24 hours to heat thoroughly from cold giving it had only a single heat source.  The new AGA Dual Control uses less cast iron and is not designed to be a heat storage unit.  The hotplates no longer require several hundred pounds of cast iron to radiate heat to the hotplate surface.

Why is the traditional AGA cooker retiring?
The cast iron radiant heat cooking for which the AGA in known is not retiring it is expanding.  The traditional AGA cooker sales are retiring throughout North America as we expand into our new line of fully assembled ranges making their purchase and installation far easier.

Technical & Installation FAQs - Click to view

Can the AGA Companion be used alongside the AGA Dual Control and the AGA Total Control?
Yes.  Although the depth of the AGA Companion is slightly less than (approximately 1 inch less in depth) the depth of the AGA Total Control and AGA Dual Control, the placement of the AGA Companion is still very design friendly and provides superior cooking performance giving you the best of both worlds when alongside any of our cast iron ranges.

Does the AGA require special floor support being it is so heavy?
Customers do need to ensure their floors will support the weight of the cast iron AGA being purchased.  It is best advised you contact your local AGA Dealer and begin these conversations.  Local building codes are also different across the country so be sure when building/remodeling you consult a professional. Floor must be finished prior to installation of range. Notify your AGA Dealer of the floor type, i.e. tile, wood, vinyl.  Floor must be level, front to back, side to side and diagonally before installation of range.  Minor adjustments may be made with shims provided with the range in the installation packaging.

Care and Use FAQs - Click to view

What products do you recommend using to properly clean the AGA?
Our AGA Enamel Rubber removes scuff marks on the vitreous enamel surface without scratching.  Our AGA Enamel Non-Smear Cleaner is acid free and environmentally friendly and designed specifically to clean the AGA while it is still hot.  It removes tough stains without damaging the surface and provides fast, effortless cleaning designed for daily use. AGA Chrome & Steel Cleaner is perfect for cleaning the insulated covers and stainless steel cookware leaving a beautiful shine while conditioning the surface.

How do I clean the underside of my insulated cover?
The AGA Chrome & Steel Cleaner, when used daily, will aide in keeping the underside of your insulated covers clean.  Being sure to clean your insulated covers after every use will prevent grease build up.

Cookware & Accessories FAQs - Click to View

Can I use cast iron cookware when cooking on a cast iron AGA?
Yes.  Cast iron retains heat perfectly, radiating onto food to lock in flavors and succulence.

Do I have to use AGA Cookware if I purchase an AGA range?
No.  You are welcome to use your own cookware you have grown to love. When you purchase an AGA range, a standard set of cookware comes with your AGA range to help get you started.