Benefits of Cast Iron

Cast iron is acclaimed as one of the most perfect mediums for cooking because it retains, evenly distributes and radiates gentle heat maintaining the foods flavor and succulence.  Another advantage of cooking with cast iron is fewer intrusive cooking smells and flavor cross-contamination meaning you may cook an entire meal with all the fixings at the same time in the same oven – a feat other ranges cannot accomplish. Beneath the glossy enamel of every AGA beats the heart of quality cast iron. It is this cast iron which sets AGA apart and exemplifies the AGA difference. Deep within the AGA rests a patented burner.  A unique temperature regulation system continually transfers heat to each oven and hotplate at precise pre-set levels while the cast iron focuses on heat retention. The efficient radiant heat and insulated design minimizes fuel consumption and creates optimal cooking conditions without the drying, direct heat used in traditional ranges. Gentle radiant heat locks in moisture preserving flavor, nutrients and the integrity of the foods being cooked.

1. Insulated Covers

These twin insulated covers are the great AGA hallmark. When closed, they`re just gently warm to the touch. Open them and both hot plates are instantly ready to cook.

2. Boiling Plate

Big enough to hold three average sized saucepans at once, the high heat of this boiling plate can boil water faster than most electric kettles.

3. Heat Source

Once an AGA is up to operating temperature just a trickle of energy is all that`s needed to keep it there. You can choose from natural gas or electricity.

4. Simmering Plate

The simmering plate has a far gentler heat than the boiling plate, making it work wonders with sauces or when frying an egg. It holds three average sized saucepans and can also be used as a griddle.

5. Roasting Oven

This oven alone is big enough to cook for the whole household, with a space to accommodate a 28lb bird. As versatile as it is spacious, it can also be used for grilling and baking.

6. Baking Oven

Featured in the AGA Total Control, Dual Control and City24. Like all AGA ovens the cast iron interior holds in its heat tenaciously, so don`t be afraid to open the door and take a peek at progress. It’s moderate baking temperature is perfect for bread, cakes and biscuits.

7. Slow Cook Oven

You’ll never taste meat that’s as tender or flavorsome as meat that has been slow cooked in this oven. Simply slide in your dish first thing in the morning, pull it out at mealtime and enjoy the incredible results.

8. Warming Oven

Featured in both AGA Hot Cupboard models (AHC and AHCIN), the warming oven keeps food warm without drying it out – ideal when cooking a meal with multiple courses. It also gives you the added benefit of keeping plates warm.

9. Warming Plate

A valuable general purpose surface on the AGA Hotcupboard with Warming Plate (AHC), the warming plate is ideal for keeping gravy boats warm.

Programming the Total Control

The AGA Total Control allows all ovens to be operated and turned on and off independently via remote control. See AGA Total Control for a complete explanation.