Let us show you why an AGA is the top luxury range in the world…

Anatomy of An AGA

The Anatomy of the AGA

1. Boiling Plate

The hottest of the two hotplates – use for boiling, grilling, stir-frying, making toast and anything requiring very high heat.  With electric elements embedded into the cast iron, this plate heats up in 11 minutes from cold.

2. Insulated Covers

The distinctive hallmark of the AGA, the highly polished stainless steel insulated covers are brought down over the hotplates to help contain the heat when on and protect the hotplate when off.  Individually assembled by hand.

3. Top Plate

The top plate is the enamel surface surrounding the hotplates.  It will become warm when your hotplates are in use.  Although it is not a cooking surface it may be used to keep foods warm or for melting butter.

4. Simmering Plate

As with the Boiling Plate, this hot plate offers constant heat throughout the cast iron.  Large enough to hold three sauce pans and perfect for making pancakes, eggs or quesadillas directly on the griddle like surface.

5. Control Panel

The AGA Total Control and Gas Dual Control ranges feature a discreetly housed control panel (shown) where each element can be programmed independently.  The City24 and Companion feature multi-function control knobs.

6. Roasting Oven

Indirectly heated by two elements, one in the base of the oven and the other in the roof.  Can be used for broiling at the top and shallow frying at the bottom due to its zone heating.  Roast, bake or grill with perfect results.

7. Cast Iron Benefits

Cast iron is acclaimed as a perfect mediums for great cooking because it retains heat well, has even heat distribution and radiates a gentle heat aiding food in flavor retention and succulence.

Cast iron cooking also means easy cleaning because oven splashes and spills are carbonized and simply require wiping up. An AGA also means fewer intrusive cooking smells – as ovens may be vented.

The cast iron AGA is made from 70% recycled material and is itself 95% recyclable. Inside every new AGA is a bit of an old one.

8. Baking Oven

A medium heat oven perfect for cakes, cookies, lasagna and pies, not to mention roasting meat and poultry.  Cook sweet and savory dishes at the same time without the fear of flavors mixing.

9. Slow Cook Oven

Perfect oven for slow cooking casseroles, one pot meals and meats as well as steaming root vegetables and rice.  Most dishes are started off on a hotplate and then left to cook slowly and gently allowing foods to retain their nutrients and goodness.